Thursday, 11 December 2014

SECTIONALISM: The Bane of the Nigerian Project

Nigerians have adamantly refused to take their future in their own hands by choosing a leader who stands tall among this Lilliput (in ideas and thoughts) of a leader. Four years are too much to be wasted on an individual whose only claim to leadership is his so called minority origins and not competence that ordinarily should be the yardstick in assessing our leaders. I don't know what informs your decision to support a party and leaders that have consistently failed you since 1999 but I could swear you are on the path of mischief. Countries that are keen about development are less concern about what their leaders worship. Recently I heard the renowned poorest president in the world Mr. Mujica of Uruguay is actually an atheist presiding over the affairs of a predominantly catholic citizens. Nigeria can also do same. Even those who vehemently oppose the leadership of Buhari know within their hearts how incorruptible this man has been. Need I say more that corruption is arguably our biggest challenge as a nation? I bet all Nigerians, every other piece(underdevelopment) would fall in place when we arrest this trend. For now, our surest bet to getting this out is GMB. God Bless Nigeria.

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