Saturday, 17 January 2015


Years ago, a certain Prince Vincent Ogbulafor caught up in the euphoria of been SELECTED as the PDP national chairman comically declared "PDP shall rule Nigeria for 60 years". Well, that status quo hasn't quite changed but weighing that prophesy on the scale of current happenings in the polity makes mockery of him AMD his party, as every indication points to the contrary and by the way where is Prince Vincent Ogbulafor? Then, as soon as the idea of merger talks was mooted by like minded opposition party stalwarts, the then senile Chairman of the party Alh. Bamanga Tukur declared the merger as dead on arrival that the coming together of political strange bedfellows of Buhari and Tinubu can never work, the talks went on as planned and the marriage of these parties was eventually consummated but not before some last minute hanky panky moves by this same PDP to truncate the process by hiring some quack property lawyer in Abuja to file a court case in court claiming the ownership of the acronym APC, which he submitted meant African Peoples Congress. The Jega led INEC refused all pressures and intimidation to recognise this reactionary APC and went ahead to register the Buhari/Tinubu led one. Fast forward to 2015, the party they so dismissed some months ago is causing them sleepless nights and the hitherto overzealous Bamanga Tukur has been consumed by the murky waters of politics he obviously failed to diligently navigate. Am tempted to conclude that with a benefit of hindsight, these gentlemen or prophets of Wadata Plaza would never have uttered this nearly or already failed prophesies. But wait, heavily pregnant FeBuhari 14th would soon birth, let's wait and see if Mr. Ogbulafor can continue to enjoy his unchallenged "gift" of prophesy for another 4 years.

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